Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Digital Stamps - Love at First Sight

Digi Stamps AKA Digital Stamps were LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT for me!  My first real encounter with them was over at MyGrafico.  They had so many to choose from!  I HAD to learn more!  And today I am going to share the BASIC Basics of what I learned with you!  Nothing fantasy to start off we will have more in-depth tutorials about Digi Stamps and how different programs will work with them down the road.  This is the plain and simple stuff here, folks!  Things to get you going today!

First...there are several places to obtain freebie digi stamps which is a great way to start.  But PLEASE give create where credit is due!  If you can link or at least mention where you got the digi stamp from on your blogs!  If you are unsure maybe someone out there will know!  I have been know on occasion to post a little HELP note...you can always edit later with the updated info :)

Like I said...VERY basic Digi Stamp Talk today!

The quickest and easiest way for me (and there are many ways so don't feel like you MUST do it this way - basically ANYTHING GOES with Digi Stamps!) is to print a digital stamp from Picasa or a like-free program!  You can resize it with ease and print! 

After printing I usually use Prismacolor Colored Pencils or Watercolored Pencils or Reeves Water Color Pencils.  I have been known to also use Prismacolor Craft Markers and Martha Stewart Craft Markers as well.  I know LOTS of people who use Copics, too!  We hope to have a Copic and Digi Stamp Tutorial down the road!

I usually work with jpg or gif digital stamps but there are other file extensions they come in too such as PNGs.  All are fine to work with - I think it's just a preference thing, really.

You can use a Digi Stamp the same way you would use a Rubber/Foam/Acrylic Stamp or you can use it digitally.  I like digi stamps because they are handy, eco-friendly, easy to use, versatile, and more!

There's a great article HERE if you want to take a look - it talks more about the VERY BASICS of Digital Stamps.  Our DT will be working with Digi Stamps for our very first project posting and Challenge on November 1st!  So stay tuned!


  1. This is such a brilliant idea, so much to learn, experienced or not, everyday something new, well done on doing this!!!
    Cannot see the follow button, help.........:))
    lotsa luv

  2. Hi Jennifer,

    I like digistamps too, mainly because I can store them electronically. :)


  3. Theresa,

    I saw your comment, and have added a 'Follow' button to this site. If you look in the top right hand corner, you should 'Follow A crafting Start' the Follow icon is right below that.

    I hope that helps.


  4. Never used digi-stamps before now..Glad I got to be a part of the team and learn new tricks along with everyone else!